Special Recipes Made By Our Precious Children

Please welcome our first guest on our Special Children’s Pages series. My own Precious little boy. My middle son and oldest of the twins…WADE! ~Hugs Sweetheart!~

He asked me to take pictures (notice no time to comb hair :D) as he made a “recipe” for his fruit salad. He wanted Mama to cut the apple because it just won’t cut with a child safe knife. Enjoy the recipe and pictures that accompany it. <3 and Hugs!

NOTE! Children should be supervised at all times in the kitchen to be kept safe from harm. <3 and Hugs!

Wade's Apple and Banana Fruit Salad

1 apple, cut into small pieces..adult and older children do this please <3
1 banana, sliced
Have an older person cut the apple into small pieces.
Child adds to bowl.
Give child a child safe knife..plastic or butter knife, and have them slice the banana.
They add to bowl, stir and gobble up Yummy Apple and Banana Fruit Salad!

 Cutting up banana
 Putting banana in bowl...apple is already added
 Now for a taste
Wade's Apple and Banana Fruit Salad


  1. That is SO SWEET!! What a cutie!!! And so healthy too! Great post!

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    , <3 ,3 ,,3 wade